Sunday, January 13, 2013


Newfoundland is


I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes snowmen strips. I love the badness and creativity Calvin shows in his snow creations.

You can see a bunch here.

 In the winter, we have a tendency to stay indoors and hibernate, so it was a great experience for my husband and I to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and play in the snow. These were are first snowmen ever. We tried to channel our inner Calvin's. Even though we didn't get as creative as him, but we had so much fun making them.

Hope everyone else is having an exhilarating winter!

Project 52: Newfoundland is...
52:1: Mostly Grey and Wet
52:2: Childhood Dreams Coming True
52:3: An Opportunity for Growth
52:4: Shifting Priorities
52:5: Blue Bays
52:6: Early Fog-filled Mornings
52:7: Sunsets
52:8: Pajama Parties
52:9: Far Away From Grandparents
52:10: An Opportunity to Save
52:11: Staying Creative
52:12: Succumbing to Autumn
52:13: Friendly Neighbors
52:14: Bedtime Rituals
52:15: Lots of Paperwork
52:16: Soup Weather
52:17: Little Wonders
52:18: Remembering the Past
52:19: Making New Friends, But Keeping the Old
52:20: Feeling the Holiday Spirit Early
52:21: Playing House
52:22: Staying Well Rounded
52:23: Our First Christmas Tree
52:24: Bringing a bit of Newfoundland Home
52:25: Watching the Snow Come Down

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