Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teeny Hair Pin Legged Table

I was inspired by Rachel at Smile and Wave to try building a hairpin leg table for my tiny kitchen nook.

She used legs she already had to build a bigger table to fit a larger space. I had the opposite problem. Our table was too large for the space we had, so I needed something smaller.

I like the modern look of the legs. I like that if I move to another place that needs a bigger or smaller table all I have to do is unscrew them and find the right size wood to suit it. It can become a huge dining table, a narrow sofa table, a desk, etc., etc.

I found a great deal for metal hair pin legs online. And then I accidentally shipped them to Florida instead of Canada. So I had to wait several months to put this table together. Paying for shipping from Florida to Newfoundland would cost more than the legs originally cost. Luckily they fit in my suitcase, so I brought them back to Canada with me after vacation.

I wanted immediate gratification, so I just bought plywood, sanded it down, drilled holes, screwed the legs in and stained the wood. You can make a much prettier version using Rachel's instructions, better wood, in multiple planks.

It is just a little bistro table meant for my husband and I. And a high chair.

The size was determined by this piece of glass from a broken desk that we weren't sure what to do with. We originally were going to place the glass on top and put photos between the wood and the glass.

Then I gave the folks at Kent the wrong measurement. Which ended up fine because we weren't sure how to attach the glass to the wood, anyway. So really our bistro table is actually a desk. Oh well.

Now I have to work on chairs. The ones in the picture are from our patio. I was hoping to thrift some and refinish them with silver leaf. But I'm having a hell of a time finding used furniture here in Clarenville.

I guess no one throws anything away here?

Have you had any luck applying a Pin to real life?

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