Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brain Benefits of Being Multilingual

It is day 10 of my 31 day challenge, and boy has it been difficult so far. I loathe studying, I hate writing about studying, but this challenge does hold me accountable to myself and it makes me think about why I'm trying to learn another language from a broader perspective.

Here is an article I read today about some of the brain benefits to being multilingual. It is from 2009 at the website Science Daily.

The key points:

1. Learning another language slows aging and can delay in the onset of age-related mental diminishment.

2. The multilingual handle complex and demanding problem-solving tasks better when compared to monolinguals. 

3. Published research suggests that these benefits aren't limited to those who've mastered three or four languages. Research says that changes in the brain's electrical activity may occur already in the beginnings of learning a new language.

So there you go folks! Three more reasons to follow bilingual, trilingual and multilingual aspirations. 

Right now, I'm just working on the second. 

Although to be perfectly honest, I feel like I'm mastering a third language: baby talk.

I know you're supposed to talk to babies the way you would an adult to increase their verbal skills, but my daughter gets so excited when you mimic back to her the sounds she is making, I just can't help myself. It's like she is trying to teach us to talk instead of vice versa.

She is a very good teacher. We are repeating her streams of  "di-di-dab-dab-dub-dub da" to perfection.

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