Thursday, December 6, 2012


Newfoundland is

playing house.

We've lived in apartments our entire adult life. Apartments are great because whenever there is a problem you call the front office, and after complaining for awhile someone comes to fix what ever it is that is driving you nuts. 

We are renting a house in Clarenville and our landlords live two hours away. It is a fairly new house with very few issues. Still, doing things like taking care of a yard, doing minor repair work, etc., gives us a small taste of what it will be like to actually own a house for ourselves. 

I have mixed feelings about homeownership. It sounds so scarily permanent, but the idea of doing whatever I want to a little house on a cute little plot of land we can call our own does inspire some flights of imagination. I dream of white walls, and little reading nooks, a beautiful garden, and sunny windows.

But for now, it is great letting someone else deal with the big homeowner headaches and just enjoying having a temporary space to love up. How I adore this small, blocky, hodge-podgy house!

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Project 52: Newfoundland is...
52:1: Mostly Grey and Wet
52:2: Childhood Dreams Coming True
52:3: An Opportunity for Growth
52:4: Shifting Priorities
52:5: Blue Bays
52:6: Early Fog-filled Mornings
52:7: Sunsets
52:8: Pajama Parties
52:9: Far Away From Grandparents
52:10: An Opportunity to Save
52:11: Staying Creative
52:12: Succumbing to Autumn
52:13: Friendly Neighbors
52:14: Bedtime Rituals
52:15: Lots of Paperwork
52:16: Soup Weather
52:17: Little Wonders
52:18: Remembering the Past
52:19: Making New Friends, But Keeping the Old
52:20: Feeling the Holiday Spirit Early

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