Friday, November 30, 2012


Newfoundland is

feeling the holiday spirit early.

The transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas in the states has always felt a bit rushed to me. I feel like a gun goes off on Black Friday and we're racing to New Years without having any time to catch our breath and truly enjoy ourselves. When you factor in scheduling time off from jobs and making travel plans, things become even more hairy.

So another thing I've come to love about living in Canada is how leisurely we can enter the holiday season. As most people know, Thanksgiving is in October here. My friend says she uses Remembrance Day as her marker for the start of the Christmas season. This gives me two months to listen to music, leisurely shop, decorate a tree, make cookies, watch my favorite Christmas movies, etc. etc!

We still have to travel to be with family. I'm blessed to not have to work right now, and I don't have to worry about planning my vacation around my job. We'll be leaving next week for Florida to spend some times with the grandparents.

If I was in the states, I would not have wasted time decorating my house, since I'd be in Florida in my family's houses for most of December. But since I had November to celebrate Christmas as well, I had time to start the little traditions I want for my little family unit.

I love and miss my family, but I do look forward to one year celebrating Christmas in our own home without having to run between houses, board the puppy, and push the suitcase zippers to their limits. Next year, my husband's schedule might make travel in December impossible and Santa might get to visit this little house in Newfoundland.

Until then, I'm excited to share the sunshine and holiday cheer with my friends and family in Florida.

Happy Holidays!

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