Friday, October 19, 2012


Newfoundland is

bedtime rituals.

How sweet is this?

She is totally into this Star Wars ABC book I bought her...well, really, bought my husband. She loves anything that is a picture of a person or dog-like creature (Wookies, Ewoks, etc.) and zones out on the droid and space ship pages.

It can be frustrating reading to her, because she wants to hold the book, bite the book. turn eight pages at once, and roll over and over on your lap, but we keep at it.

The reading teacher in me is obsessed with making sure she'll have a good foundation for school. The kid who moved every few years, and then grew into an adult that moves every few years knows what friends books can be. I want her to associate books with home, love, knowledge,

...and SLEEP.

I get so excited when this sleep ritual actually works. When we feed her, change her, read her a book, put her in her bed awake and she happily falls asleep.

This works three out of ten times.

When it does, we practically skip out of her room, giddy with our success.

Sometimes we let her her cry it out and she falls asleep within ten minutes.

Sometimes she is having none of it, and bedtime just happens when it happens.

Which I know is completely against the rules if you are trying to teach your baby to soothe herself to sleep, but I just don't feel comfortable letting her scream, and slam her head against the crib for hours on end.

That little baby temper makes me nervous about what the future holds.

Anyways, happy Friday!

I'm off to Montreal for a week (YAY!!!!!) and will be posting a bit sporadically.

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Newfoundland is...
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Lili said...

3 out of 10 is pretty darn good! Keep it up! :)) she's the cutest little bookworm!

Jonathan Bennett said...

Star Wars! That baby has good taste.