Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 13: Halloween Decor

Walmart Wednesdays are a chance for me to scour the pretty much the only store in Clarenville for something that looks pretty or unique out of context. You can see more Walmart Wednesday posts here.

Sorry about the radio silence, folks. We've got teeth popping up in this house, along with some colds, and an upcoming trip to Montreal that requires heaps of paperwork. My poor 31 days of Spanish project is languishing in the back of my mind, and I have a few crafty projects sitting on my camera begging to be uploaded.

So I'm anticipating some bare bones blogging the next two weeks.

Anyways, I decided to check out the Halloween decoration section at Walmart this week.

I fell in love with this creepy crow feather wreath and this sparkly plastic pumpkin. I decided to use it as a centerpiece in my kitchen.


Here it is with my new fisheye lens app.

I love Halloween. I wish I had an excuse to dress up, but at least I have Kirby and the kiddo to deck out.

I wanted to post some pictures of my cat in Florida, just because he seems to go with this Halloween-y post. And he's cute. And I miss him.

And some pumpkins...

So... yay for Halloween!

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