Friday, October 26, 2012



Newfoundland is

lots of paperwork.

As you can see, not even babies can pull off a good passport picture.

The whole reason we're in Montreal is because it has a U.S. consulate office so that we can get our daughter her U.S. citizenship.

There is no consulate in Newfoundland so we must travel to other provinces to get her paperwork processed.

This is our second try. Our first attempt was in Halifax. We stupidly booked our tickets before making an appointment, and then found out that no one was available to see her during the week we were there. So we went to Green Gables! It worked out splendidly for me.

This time we made our appointment with the consulate first, and then planned our vacation around it.

You would think it would be easy for her to get her US passport and social security card, because both of her parents are U.S. citizens. I would think all they'd need for us to do is flash our passports and her birth certificate with both of our names on it, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

It took me a full day to decode all the paperwork, fill everything out, and gather the appropriate documents needed to prove she is indeed our daughter and that we are U.S. citizens.

Granted, without a baby climbing up the walls it probably would have taken me about three hours.

So we're in Montreal now, and who knows if we'll actually have all this citizenship stuff figured out by the time we leave.

The silver lining is, if we don't, we get to take another trip to get it figured out. I'm thinking Ottawa next time, or maybe we go back to Montreal or Halifax?

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