Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pinwheel PINspiration

My husband loves a big screen TV.

We have THREE of them. 

That is one per person in this house. 

Our "tv per capita" statistic fills me with shame.

I love watching TV and movies. Our newest TV has some great features, and I appreciate the way it connects to youtube and Skype, but I hate that it is the focal point of our room. 

I feel like it says something truthful but disturbing about my little family- that our lives are centered around the television.

I'm not sure how to deal with that little truth at the moment, so I'll move on to the second reason I hate that our TV is the focal point of the living room. It is really hard to decorate around.

I solved that problem when we lived in Houston by surrounding the TV with black framed pictures, in the hopes that the television would blend into the gallery like a giant piece of artwork.

I couldn't find any pictures of this display. You can see a teeny bit of it in the corner of this picture of my buddy and I dressed for a night out.

It looked something like this from this blog.

I was ready to do the same thing in Newfoundland, but my husband wanted a less cluttered look.

After a few failed DIY attempts, I found myself pinning pinwheels, and this became the final result:

I used paint stirring sticks I'd painted metallic colors after attempting to make this mirror and failing utterly.

You can see how to cut the pinwheels here.

Here are some other pictures:

Anyone else have DIY flops that turned into something unexpected?

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