Friday, August 10, 2012

Food Waste Friday: The Freezer Redeems Itself


This week I didn't have a freezer melt down. Yaay!

I saved myself from another embarrassing confession by using my freezer. Hopefully we'll do a better job closing the freezer door all the way, and my efforts won't end up photographed for next week's Food Waste Friday post.

This week I froze some brown bananas for my favorite chocolate banana peanut butter smoothies.

I think the baby will enjoy these shakes in the future, too.

I also froze a half gallon of milk before it expired. I read somewhere that this was a good idea, but I'm not sure how to use this milk in the future.

Do I just thaw it out and use it as normal? What would the expiration date be once thawed?

Things take a long time to get shipped to Newfoundland and it is really easy to accidentally buy already expired things.


I know the expiration dates printed on things are generally overcautious, but I never want to risk anyone getting sick.

Does anyone have any rules of thumb for knowing how long past the stamped expiration date things are still good for?

Thats it for my Food Waste Friday. Check out other confessions at Frugal Girl's site.


Janet said...

I freeze milk all the time. Thawing is best done in the fridge and not in warm water. Shake the milk before you use it. It's good until it smells yucky.
I really can't believe that yogurt is 6 years old!
I think the "good after expiration date" time period depends on the food. I don't think there is a general rule of thumb.

live and learn said...

I agree with Janet. It depends upon the food as to how long it's good after the expiration date. Also, some dates are sell by dates and some are use by dates. Generally for yogurt, they say it is good two weeks after the date on it. Here in the US, the only thing that is required by law to have an expiration date is infant formula. All of the rest of the dates are up to whatever the manufacturer wants to do.

Jayme said...

Thanks for the advice guys! Very helpful!