Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spanish through Skype

So I've been taking Guacamaya Spanish classes via Skype with a teacher in Honduras twice a week for an hour each class.

Guacamaya means Macaw.

It is by no means enough, but since the entire class is conducted in Spanish I am forced to figure out how to converse.

When, I was taking these classes in person in Honduras it was three hours of class a day, five days a week and I could actually feel my brain rewiring itself. It was amazing.

Anyway, here is one way I'm increasing my exposure to Spanish:


Yellow stickies everywhere! Vocab building, kindergarten classroom style.

The chandelier: la araƱa de luces

Kirby's rock collection (las rocas). He keeps bringing them inside for us.

Kirby is clearly not a fan of this learning method.

I've only labeled the kitchen thus far, but until I run out of stickies (or my husband has a sticky meltdown) I won't stop until the whole house is covered!


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