Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 3

Walmart was a zoo yesterday.

I couldn't figure it out. How could there be no carts available at two pm on a Tuesday?

So I asked the girl at the register.

"Everyone is trying to get their fix since we won' be open tomorrow. You think this is bad. The day after Clarenville Day is worse!"

Clarenville Day?

From what I could find, Clarenville Day is a town-wide holiday where everything closes to celebrate...the founding of the town? Some historic event I'm not aware of because I'm an obtuse American?

I don't know. I'm having a hard time finding any information about it online, and I don't want to disturb my neighbors on Clarenville Day.

The only information I could discover was from my husband's secretary. She didn't know what Clarenville Day celebrated, but she said that the reason Clarenville Day is on a Wednesday instead of a Friday or Monday is so that the people of Clarenville attend the event instead of spending the long weekend RVing elsewhere on the island.

Clarenvillians love their RVs. And motocycles. And ATVs. And basically all transportation toys.

So what did I find at Walmart this week? Sadly not much.

I tried to get a whole outfit put together, but everything was ill-fitting. So, as usual, when things aren't fitting me well, I go clothing shopping for Ellie, because everything looks cute on her.

But even the baby section was slim pickins'.

So I bought her some pajamas for a few months from now. They are three for $12 and I love them!

She already has quite a few in her current size.

They are soft, close fitting, and best of all they zip up so there is no snap fumbling in the dark during a late night diaper change.

Here's hoping for better luck next week!

Happy Walmart Wednesday!

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