Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am an Aunt!

So I'm officially an aunt! My nephew is precious, already looking just like his mama, with the most bite-able cheeks you've ever seen. I can't wait to meet him in a few days.

Canada is so far from Florida. I know that is an obvious, stupid statement but we're so far from everyone that sometimes its easy to disconnect emotionally from the world our families live in. For example, if I was in Florida I'd be visiting the hospital every day and constantly thinking about the little love. Here in the great white north I have these moments when I suddenly remember, "Oh yeah! I'm an aunt!"

I really love my peaceful, simple, drama-free life. You get so easily spoiled when your only concerns solely revolve around your own, and your husbands needs. I mean our life will broaden in two months and include this baby girl's needs as well, but I feel almost selfish that the extent of my worries revolve around my little nuclear family. I guess I need to leave the confines of this cozy little house, brave the snow, and try volunteering somewhere or working again. Then maybe this weird feeling of guilt will go away.

Why is it that I always feel guilty about something no matter what I'm doing or not doing? Is that normal?

Anyway, life is about to get hectic for three weeks as we head south for the holidays. Days of travel, splitting time between family and friends, being a devoted bridesmaid, Christmas shopping, helping my mom plan a baby shower, etc., etc., will make surviving this portion of the third trimester a little less tranquil. Part of me is so excited to seem my family again, and part of me just wants to spend three weeks, holed up in this little town watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother with my hubby.

I'm 31 weeks along, 11 weeks away from meeting this little girlie. I'll have to post on all the weird what-if's I have about meeting this little creature in the near future. It's another case of me wondering if my thoughts are normal and tons of women have these thoughts but won't cop to it, or if I just have an overactive imagination. Anyways, toodle loo!


Starr said...

I just saw Liam's photo on facebook! Soo cute, I want to see more. I know what you mean about the disconnectedness. When do you fly home? I will be there the 22nd through January 1st!

Starr said...

Will you be having a baby shower over holiday break? Are you having the baby in Canada or Florida? I can't believe you are only 11 weeks away from having a beautiful baby!

Jayme said...

Hey starr' we're having the shower on the 17th in wellington. The baby will be born in Canada the first week of feb if everything goes as planned. Can't wait to see you over the holidays!