Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food Diary Day 2

6:45 am:
Bowl of Special K cereal with a ton of strawberries, half a banana, a handful of pecans and milk.

12:00 pm:
Met Danny for lunch by his office. I had vegetable lasagna, a coke, a bite of Caesar salad, and an orange lolly pop from the bank.

We now have a joint bank account! Yaay!

4:05 pm:
Home after changing my name at the Social Security Office. Ate half a banana. I'm very hungry but I don't want to have a tortilla chip and brie meltdown like I had yesterday. We're supposed to go to an Astros/Marlins game tonight and I'm planning on getting ballpark dogs, pretzels, generally bad things, so I need to behave myself. To distract myself I'm looking online again for a more permanent job but not finding much.

4:25 pm:
I have a great idea for a book/project but need some kind of sponsorship to do it. Look up book pitching advice on the internet. Realize it is better to pitch an idea when you have the actual book written completely. But how do you write the book if you don't have the time to do it because you need to have a day job that provides you with money for food, rent, etc.? GRrrrR

4:34 pm:
Special K 90 calorie chocolatey pretzel bar. This is it for food I will eat in this apartment until baseball time, I swear!

Go Stros!
So we get to the stadium to buy our tickets, and end up only having to pay five bucks more for ALL YOU CAN EAT ball park food. What a wonderful, terrible thing!
Two hot dogs with ketchup, a tray of nachos, stale popcorn, and a bad coke. Mmmmm. Soo bad.

We needed more stamps so we went to CVS and along with stamps we got a Tollhouse Ice Cream Cookie just to round out the night. I ate a third of it.

Very unfortunate choices today. I MUST BEHAVE BETTER TOMORROW.

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Starr said...

What is your book idea? Ok, I promise I will start my blog when I have something to show!