Friday, April 23, 2010

I think 2 days of food diarying is quite enough

Yesterday, I made Terriyaki Salmon (highly recommended by Megan) with cous cous and a jicama orange cilantro salad for dinner.

I also made a rhubarb strawberry pastry, but I confused puff pastry with fillo dough so the pastry itself came out too flaky and dry for such a rich, tart, gooey filling.

Nonetheless, I felt very culinary.

My husband was not overly impressed with any of the dishes. He didn't say anything negative or anything, it's just that he had lots left on his plate and he snacked on Cheeze-its and a Snicker's Ice Cream Bar later. He is a wise, diplomatic boy.

I know he isn't a big fish fan, and the NFL draft occupied his full attention for the evening, so I waited until before going to sleep to ask him about the salmon. He said he'd prefer to eat salmon if he knew it wasn't farm raised but wild and caught in a stream by a ferocious bear who then let the salmon go so that my local grocery store could fillet it and sell it to me.

This is why I love him.

I'm not going to bore anyone any longer with my daily eating habits. Suffice it to say that I need to stop snacking on crap, going to all you can eat baseball games, and get my jiggly self to the gym on a more regular basis. So that is where I'm going now...

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Starr said...

He is a smart boy! But does he feel the same way about other meat?