Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Diary Day 1

6:30 am:
One serving of Special K with 1% lactose free milk, half a banana, two handfuls of strawberry slices, and a quarter cup of pecans. Drank a juice glass of water with it.

Ate it with Danny before he went to work while watching Sportscenter. If I do this every morning for the rest of my life, I may one day like sports. Went back to sleep for three more hours once Danny left because I am a bum.

10:00 am:
Ate my other half of my banana and a Special K pretzel and chocolate granola bar (90 calories). I think I'll stop eating those bars. They leave me feeling more hungry for some reason. Drank a juice glass of water.

Watched Big Cat Diaries and blogged. Went to brush my teeth so I wouldn't eat anymore.

11:15 am:
Cup of green tea with lemon and honey (about two teaspoons?)

Accidentally typed honeymoon instead of honey. I guess I'm ready to go on one. :) Finished writing and addressing all wedding thank you notes, but realized I have no stamps.

12:00 pm:
Went to the gym. Only did cardio for half an hour and no strength training. Burned 210 calories, walked/ran 2 miles. Kind of pathetic. Maybe met a new friend maybe at the gym, which is great because we have so few friends out here we need to start collecting some.

12:56 pm:
Sooooo hungry! Trying not to snack while prepping lunch.

1:20 pm:
Had a cup of leftover Macaroni Grill tomato angel hair pasta, a slice of bread, one leftover meatball, and a mushroom salad that I wasn't all that fond of made with raw mushrooms, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper. Very carb heavy, but yummy. Will have to behave myself tonight at dinner.

1:41 pm:
Worried why the Census never called me back this morning like they said they would.

1:55 pm:
Two Hershey kisses.

2:41 pm:
Decided to do a deep conditioning hair treatment that requires me to sit with goock in my hair for an hour. Called census office to see what was up. They interviewed me on the spot and gave me a position. I show up for training on April 27. Yay! Four to six weeks of employment!

4:00 pm:
Starting to feel a little hungry again. It's only been two hours since eating!

5:27 pm:
Back from running errands. Target and the gas station do not sell stamps in case anyone was wondering. Positively ravenous.

5:35 pm:
2 pieces of pineapple chunks, 2 whole grain tortilla chips.

6:11 pm:
Danny comes home and wants to go for a run. He tells me to go ahead and eat, but I have it fixed in my head that we will eat dinner together as a family...even if we are only a family of two. REALLY REALLY hungry though. So I eat more tortilla chips, this time with brie.

6:43 pm:
3 Hershey kisses. Starting to rethink eating dinner.

7:00 pm:
Ate dinner anyway. 90 second rice with pineapple, onions, red and green peppers and pre cooked chicken strips.


Starr said...

You made me hungry while reading this. I'm going to start a business blog soon, well I actually can't decide. I want to blog as a way to have an online portfolio, not sure if I should keep it separate from my business blog or make it my business blog with the early start of my portfolio. I bet you are questioning what kind of business I'm going to start! Chat or call me to find out! Congrats on the census job!

Jayme said...

Start your blog, so I can comment on it. :)