Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm in Houston, TX, a newly-wedded woman on the hunt for a job, learning to cook some yummy food, spending too much time watching Big Cat Diaries on Animal Planet, and packing on the pounds I worked so hard to lose over the past six months.

My apartment is beautiful. It is coming together slowly but it definitely feels like a home to me. I have fresh flowers everywhere, and because we have practically no furniture we have a nice, minimalist look.

The past two weeks I have successfully prepared an Italian meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, mushroom chicken and rice, homemade margharetti pizza, fresh waffles with peach berry compote, fried jacks (my venture into Belizean food preparation), and perhaps the yummiest meatballs I have ever eaten served with roasted vegetables. Granted the meatballs didn't retain their ball shape, and I probably cursed about thirty times during the meat browning process, but the mixture of flavors was incredible. I couldn't stop audibly mmmming during the meal, much to my new husband's amusement.

I am writing this while waiting for an interview with the U.S. Census. It is only a ten week job, but I'm crossing my fingers that I get it because it would help me learn the Houston area, it pays pretty well, and it will give me more time to find a job I actually want. Plus, it will feel nice to have my own money so I can finally get some much needed new clothing. Most of my clothes are dingy and too big.

However, with all the yummy food and without my personal trainer, Tommy, kicking my butt every week, I may not need to buy any new clothes. I have to keep telling myself that I shouldn't eat as much as Danny because he physically needs more calories than I do. But I keep making deserts for us. He will eat two cookies and I will eat the rest. He will eat a brownie and a half and I will finish the whole tray. Tonight I want to make a strawberry rhubarb tart, but I'm afraid it will be the same situation again. I can't seem to control myself with the sweets.

So I've decided to start food "diarying" again right here on this blog, so I can maybe feel a little more ashamed of myself if I'm posting my brownie gorging sessions on the internet.

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Starr said...

mmmmmmm meatloaf! Good luck with the US Census!