Sunday, November 25, 2012


Newfoundland is

making new friends and keeping the old.

We spent a whirlwind weekend in St. John's having Thanksgiving with friends we met when we lived there last year. Last year, our dog became good pals with our next door neighbor's puppy. He's been a bit lonely out here in Clarenville without any doggy friends, so when our old neighbors offered to put him up for the night, we were thrilled to let tag along on the roadtrip and let him get some socialization. 

We brought him home all tuckered out and content.

Here in Clarenville, I've got all the baby playdates I could ever need, but our puppy playdates are wanting. 

Everyone needs a friend. Even little goldens with the most loving owners ever, need four legged pals to wrestle with and then nap on top of.

Project 52: Newfoundland is...
52:1: Mostly Grey and Wet
52:2: Childhood Dreams Coming True
52:3: An Opportunity for Growth
52:4: Shifting Priorities
52:5: Blue Bays
52:6: Early Fog-filled Mornings
52:7: Sunsets
52:8: Pajama Parties
52:9: Far Away From Grandparents
52:10: An Opportunity to Save
52:11: Staying Creative
52:12: Succumbing to Autumn
52:13: Friendly Neighbors
52:14: Bedtime Rituals
52:15: Lots of Paperwork
52:16: Soup Weather
52:17: Little Wonders
52:18: Remembering the Past

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