Friday, July 20, 2012

Word Geek Out 3

My word of the week is

This is because I have a million niggling tasks to complete this weekend because honestly, they aren't very fun.

When I started high school, I read the book Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips from a Personal Coach for Reaching Your Goals at Work and in Life by Talane Miedaner. 

Many of her tips didn't apply to a fourteen year old, but these two resonated with me.

One: Hire a Housekeeper. (I'll save this one for another post). 

Two: Eliminate All Those Petty Annoyances.

She says "Everything you are tolerating drains your energy, makes you irritable, and wears you down. It is very difficult to be successful if you are putting up with a lot."

She suggests listing all the things that you are irritated by and set aside a "blitz day" to finish as many things on your list as you can in a day. 

It's time for another blitz day. I know I need one when my mind won't stop racing before bed, or when every time I try to do something I find myself distracted by five other things.   

On my to do list:

  • Separate the change in my wallet. It is stuffed with both Canadian and US coins. I'm going to contribute them into two different piggy banks in my daughter's room. The Canadian one is going to be exciting, what with all the toonies and loonies.
  • File a bunch of bills and receipts that are stacked dangerously on my desk.
  • Throw out some dead plants (bad feng shui!) and replant them with some healthier ones.
  • Organize the linin closets and tupperware closets. 
  • Use a $10 Plum District giftcard
  • Update a frame with baby's five month picture.
  • Change the filter in my Brita Water Jug.
  • Wash the baby's Boppy.
  • Fix a curtain that is falling off the rod.
  • Change the button settings on the baby's cloth diapers.
  • Move the cardboard moose head to above the fireplace.
  • So many more...

Do you set blitz days for yourself? How many niggling tasks are on your to do list? What finally pushes you to do tasks you've been putting off for weeks? 

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