Friday, July 20, 2012

Food Waste Friday


I've decided to start holding myself more accountable for the food that goes bad in my fridge, by linking up to The Frugal Girl's Food Waste Friday.

I've really gotten better about not buying too much food, and using up my leftovers.

One of the best methods I've found is collecting the ends of lettuce and celery, shriveled veggies, bits of oldish chicken, etc., and keeping it in a baggie in the refrigerator. I make chicken stock, or vegetable stock out of it and freeze it for cooking.

Unfortunately, I have about 12 cups of chicken stock stored, and I don't have the space for more.

I usually take old fruit and make fruit leather using this recipe from Simply Recipes.

But I'm doing this ridiculous diet (I'll write about it tomorrow), so I'm not able to chow down on the sugary treat. Plus, I'm going on vacation next week so I'm trying not to cook.

I know, I know. Too many excuses!

Here's my Food Waste:

Some slimy lettuce and spinach, three week old puckering tomatoes, and three week old cooked chicken breast.

There should also be a box of blueberries in this picture. It was buy one get one free. I usually can't resist getting two, even if I doubt I can eat all of it.

Now that I've made my guilty confession, I'd love to tally up the amount of money sending this food to the garbage wastes, but unfortunately I don't have my receipt. With inflated Newfoundland prices, I'm guessing it is at least $13. Imagine how quickly that adds up each week!

Next time I go to the grocery store, I'll keep my receipt so I can give a better picture of the damage. I'll also write about my attempts to rescue dying food.

Hopefully you're better about avoiding food waste than I am. Anyone have a great recipe for using  up slimy greens?


live and learn said...

Welcome to Food Waste Friday. To be safe, I think the best recipe for slimy greens is a compost pile.

Jayme said...

Lol! Good. I was dreading someone posting something otherwise, and me feeling the need to choke them down next time.

Yolanda said...

I'm feeling inspired Jayme, thank you, its crazy how much food we waste, and that buy one get one always get me too...we're growing a lot of stuff this year, I can't wait for harvest time, I might need to come looking for some recipes!

Jayme said...

What kinds of things are you growing Yolanda? You have to tell me how things go, so I can attempt some gardening next year. I get very confused about when the growing seasons start and end here. Hope things turn out yummy! :)