Friday, July 13, 2012

Word Geek Out 2

No, I'm not studying for the GRE. I just love words, especially when I hear one not normally used in my day to day life. This week, I'm in love with the word

I found this word while watching season one of The West Wing. My husband saw the entire series on sale on Amazon and bought it since we'd never watched it when it was on TV. 

I love it, but it is kind of jarring watching a show that takes place before 9/11. 

Different issues are highlighted, and they say funny things like "We got this information from the Encyclopedia Brittanica" or "Who is beeping me now?"

The annoying thing about watching a show that is no longer culturally relative is I can't go on facebook and reference something that happened in the show and expect anyone to know what I'm talking about.

If I said something like "Elisabeth Moss is the president's daughter!!!" I would just obfuscate my friends who are not reliving 1999.

Elisabeth Moss in the West Wing. Image from here.

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men. Image from here.  P.S: Ilove the way Elisabeth is spelled with an s. So pretty!

Anyone else fall in love with a word this week?

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