Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 2

I love that light weight scarf, huge sunglasses, jeans and a T-shirt look.

Source: via Jayme on Pinterest

Walmart is providing me the opportunity to channel this look with their $12 George scarves.

This is me pretending to be a charming waif like girl with a scarf.

Sadly, this is the best picture I could come up with. I forgot my giant sunglasses. I'm sorry that you can barely see the scarf.

On the plus side, you can also barely see my very unwaif-like body and my post-pregnancy extra chins so call yourself lucky. I know this is a good picture because one eye only looks slightly larger than the other instead of triple the size of the other. And that bizarre strand of hair on my forehead- strategically covering a zit. Yay me!

Here is the scarf up close with some baby toes for added cuteness.

I also picked up this pattern.

So summery and pretty.

Happy Walmart Wednesday! Hope you encounter pretty things this week, even if you only have a Walmart in your town.

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