Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project 52: My Life in Newfoundland

To document this once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Newfoundland, Canada I'm joining Styleberry's Project 52. This is a weekly photo essay I'll share with you on Fridays.

I want to always remember what our life was like here in Clarenville- so quiet and simple, with just our pup, our baby, and the ever changing weather.

I want my daughter to know the place she was born through pictures because by the time she's old enough to ask about it, we'll be far from here.

So I'm launching this photo project halfway through the year.

I'm emmulating Shawna from Styleberry blog. She is amazing. She is a professional photographer, and does this project every year to capture the essence of motherhood and the things she wants her children to know. Check out her project, and all the other folks participating in Project 52 here.

I'm not a professional photographer. This is just me Instagramming, but I do hope you enjoy these photos. Okay, here goes...

52:1 Newfoundland is 

mostly wet and grey,

but sometimes 

absolutely glorious.

It is unpardonable to stay indoors on a day like this.

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shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

WOAH IG! Glad you are linking up! I'm adding you to the blogroll. Happy P52ing!! :)