Monday, October 17, 2011


Tomorrow I take four flights to get to my hometown, and I'm leaving the pup and the hubs behind. I am surprisingly emotional about being away for ten days. And strangely nervous about making all those flights on my own.

I've become a bit dependent on Danny at the airport. He does EVERYTHING and all I have to do is follow. He is a bit of a control freak and it makes him feel better to know our itinerary by heart, have a mental picture of where every terminal is in every airport we pass through, and ask me seventeen times if I still have my passport.

This works for me. I'm not worried about losing my passport, but it is nice to focus on nothing except avoiding throwing up on or off the airplane (my last travel experience while pregnant). Last time I made it through the 24 hours of plane riding nausea and managed to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach until the taxi ride home. Thankfully, I'd been stealing the barf bags from all of the seats around me on every plane we took, so I was prepared. Too much information?

Anyways, while I'm home visiting family and shopping/packing/shipping baby things, poor Danny will be responsible for moving all of our things from St. John's to a tiny little town a few hours north of us. I didn't leave him to do all the packing and moving on purpose. We were supposed to move weeks ago, but his company kept changing the move date. This is the same thing that happened over the summer. I planned a trip to Honduras months earlier. Danny's company decided to move him while I was away. I swear I'm not abandoning him to get our of some heavy lifting. :)

I was really excited for some beautiful Floridian October weather and the chance to hang out with my family, but ten days is starting to seem like a really long time.

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