Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Job I Left

I just realized that I never posted about the job I had in Houston. I worked for a non-profit that helped kids learn basic social skills. I was an on-site trainer and I would go into classrooms at different schools and teach the entire class how to do basic things like follow instructions, accept feedback, pay attention, use kind words, ask permission, etc. And then I would do pull out groups for students who were really struggling with these concepts.

It was a fun (if somewhat monotonous), easy job with incredible hours. I could be home by 3:30 on some afternoons, which left a lot of time for me to go to the gym, watch Netflix documentaries, scrapbook our wedding and honeymoon, go shopping, read and cook. It was very ideal, but when I found out we were moving I felt a little bit of relief knowing that I was free to do something new.

The best part of the job was teaching me how to explicitly teach children how to behave themselves. It forced me to become MUCH better at classroom management which was my biggest issue as a teacher. I feel so much more prepared for returning to the classroom if I have to, and for parenting.

Tonight, we go to our first prenatal education class. I'm already almost four months along and I'm worried that when I get there I'm going to be told not to eat or do things I've been eating or doing, and thus feel a sense of impending doom about this baby and how messed up he/she will be due to my Nutella binges or something.

My future baby?

I'm sure it will be fine though. Its not like I'm a cocaine addict, or constantly exposing my baby to cigarette smoke (although I did get quite a bit of second hand cigarette and marijuana smoke two weeks ago at a Drop Kick Murphy's concert).

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