Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awesome Engagement Photo Sites

I've been skulking around the internet looking for engagement photo ideas and I've found some really awesome photographer sites. Granted, I can't afford any of this but it is still fun to look.
(my favorites are the kiddie pool, the masks, the sweater with the two people in it, the last picture under sara and matt, the third one under sam and hal)
(I love the architecture and the pictures with signs in the photos)
(all are gorgeous!)
(under love and marriage I like the photos of Sarah and Dan {esp. the book shot on the subway}, Joanna and Alex, and Shoko and Julian)
(I like the reflection shot in this collection of pictures)


In education news, after tomorrow I will be fully certified to teach reading at any grade level, elementary school, and English for middle school and high school.

If anyone is looking for an energetic, creative, slightly obsessive, loving, desperately in need of a job teacher HIRE ME! HIRE ME! HIRE ME!

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