Thursday, January 15, 2009

Literacy History 2

it's potty time!, originally uploaded by theparadigmshifter.

My parents have told me that my potty training was a major trial for them. Apparently, I used to sit on the little plastic potty for up to thirty minutes listening to them read me stories while they waited for me to go. I think they eventually realized that I was saying I had to go so I could hear them read to me and not really for any other reasons.

My father played the guitar and had many books filled with the lyrics and chords of songs. I learned to associate the words of the songs to the pages of the song books. I also used to look at the liner notes on my parents records. My parents were unknowingly modeling all kinds of reading behaviors and this exposure helped me learn to read very naturally.

My mom remembers taking me to Disney World when I was two. She was carrying me to the boat in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and I pointed to the exit sign and clearly read “E-X-I-T.” I actually remember the first time it clicked in my head that words are made up of letters. I was playing with a toy that had a picture of an apple and the word apple written under it. I spelled out “A-P-P-L-E says apple!” I was so excited to show off my new word that I made it into a song and sang it to anyone who would listen.

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