Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walmart Wednesday/ PINspiration: Modgepodge Letters

This week's Walmart Wednesday are these white wooden letters from the craft section of Walmart. I added some scrapbook paper to them using this Modgepodge tutorial I found on Pinterest to create our last name at the front door.

I like that we have a "hi" in our name so I push those letters to the front so they greet whoever enters.

Unfortunately, my Walmart was missing two letters.

It didn't really bother me. I've just been adding seasonable objects around the same size to fill in the blanks.

I realize this would drive a lot of Type-A folks absolutely nuts. In fact, I'm sure MOST of my house would drive a Type-A person nuts. I like color, and mismatch, and eccentricity which keeps things looking a bit haphazard, but in my opinion, happy.

Anyway, the above is some potted herbs from the summer.

For fall I traded the herbs out for a pumpkin and some flowers. I also covered my S with scrapbook paper.

Now that it is getting closer to the holidays, I've replaced the letters with jars of small ornaments.

Easy peasy!

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