Thursday, October 4, 2012

Favorite Websites for Spanish Language Learners

Here is a great list of websites for Spanish language learning:

1. This is a great article on using telenovelas to learn a language. I love this idea, and I'm trying to use it as best I can. The author is a guy named Andrew, who runs his own site about learning languages here.

2. Caray, Caray is a site created for recapping Spanish telanovelas. The recaps are so humorous. "The blog's banner proudly states "We love to mock here, but don't mistake it for real hate." The creator of Caray, Caray has a great article describing how she discovered telanovelas here.

3. Multilingual Living is a great resource for parents trying to foster language learning for their children. It has lots of advice, research, activities, as well as challenges to help you focus your efforts.

4. The Teaching and Learning Spanish Blog hasn't been updated for awhile but it has a great list of sites for children, adults, and teachers on the left hand side of the screen.

5. Destinos is a free 52 episode Spanish telecourse. Each episode covers new grammar concepts, vocabulary, cultural practices and has a review at the end. With each episode the content becomes more challenging. 

Please comment if you know any others.


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