Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 10: Bath Robe

I wandered around Walmart for a long time today before I found this week's Walmart Wednesday winner...

Ta da!

Twenty bucks with a fleecy lining and a fun plaid print. Because I'm so short, it will fit me longer and keep me warmer than it might the taller teenagers it is meant to fit.

I had a pink Lacoste bathrobe I got as a wedding gift. I used it to death and finally threw it away last year when the alligator on the sleeve started falling off. I loved that thing.

In other news, I'm entering a blogging challenge sponsored by Nesting Place where she challenges you to write about a single topic for 31 days in a row.

I decided to use it as an opportunity to focus on my attempts to practice Spanish everyday.

So starting on the first I'll be linking up at the Nesting Place with MANY MANY other bloggers.

Here is my snazzy new button:

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