Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 9: I'm Sorry Gift

It's Walmart Wednesday! I could not find anything pretty, but I did enjoy the amazingly quick photo service our particular Walmart provides. They printed four 8x10s in about seven minutes, which would never happen in a Walmart in the states.

My husband and I have been squabbling more than usual lately. I felt guilty about not being nicer to my sick, hard working, weary husband so I made him a little tear off calendar for his office at work.

It's a countdown to the start of Florida Gator football season. I figured what better way to show my love to the hubs than by combining the two things he loves most in the world:  the Florida Gators and his baby girl!

I thought I'd show you the pictures:

My husband is thrilled and ready to show off his school spirit and his baby girl!

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Anyone else counting down the days to football season?


Lili said...

We went to the game on Saturday! This is going to be an "interesting" season...

Jayme said...

At a certain point in the game Danny stopped yelling at the screen and just made these strangled laughs. I thought he'd gone off the deep end. Go gators? Lol