Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Walmart Wednesday 6: London Pillow

What is Walmart Wednesday? Find out how I started the pursuit of pretty in the only place to shop in my town here.

I'm on a bit of a spending freeze after a slew of DIY fails, so this Walmart Wednesday post is just a camera phone picture of the prettiest thing I could find in the store this week.

It's a London pillow, inspired by the Olympics I'm guessing. It's kind of cheesy but I could see it working on a dark leather couch or in a little boy's nursery.

Anyone find anything pretty at their local Walmart lately?


Lili said...

I'm more of a Target Tuesday gal myself lol but I know your options are limited! My latest Walmart find? Eco Tools makeup brushes :)

Jayme said...

How I miss Target! I made three trips my last visit home. :) I'll look for those make up brushes on my next trip. :)