Thursday, August 16, 2012

Practicing Spanish

So I was telling my mom about my Spanish classes on the phone. She talks on speaker phone so the baby can recognize her voice.

She asked the baby, "Are you learning Spanish, too?"

I attempted to answer for the baby in Spanish, and was immediately corrected with an exasperated sigh.

And basically this is why I can't practice my Spanish with my family. I have too much pride, and they have too little patience.

The problem with my Skype classes are that I'm only getting two hours a week of conversation time.

The tutors at Guacamaya are great. They speak slowly. They correct me but continue to engage me in conversation. They meets me where I'm at, as all good teachers should do.  But two hours a week isn't nearly enough. I need more conversation.

And Spanish speakers are hard to find here in Newfoundland.

I could pay for classes everyday, but that is a bit out of my budget. The more I struggle with it though, the more I start to believe that maybe for the beginning I need daily classes. Then I can wean myself slowly down to twice a week as I get better.

I'm pretty good at convincing myself to throw money at problems, but what I really need is a creative, cost-effective solution.

Surely there is someone who speaks Spanish on this island who I can practice with!

Anyone found a solution to teaching yourself a language?

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