Friday, July 6, 2012

Word Geek Out!

I frequently fall head over heels in love with a word.

This morning I was listening to The Writer's Almanac for July 5th and Garrison Keillor read the poem "Tree Marriage" by William Meredith.

The poem contained the word, I can't stop whispering to myself,

Is it silly to dedicate an entire blogpost to a single word? Yes. But it is my damn blog and if I want to blog the word gossamer 1700 times then I will!

Gossamer! Gossamer! Gossamer! Gossamer! Gossamer!

I really need to be less argumentative and defensive with my imaginary readers.

Anyway, you can expect more word geek outs in the future.

Listening to The Writer's Almanac is one of the highlights of my day. It just makes me feel smart because in five minutes I get my daily dose of history and poetry. I don't like reading poetry but I could listen to it all day.

Now I'm off to go dust gossamer from our porch. 

Doesn't that sound less awful than sticky, scary spiderwebs that have taken over the deck making it scary to water plants or sit on the patio furniture?

As Garrison Keillor likes to say, "Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch."

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