Monday, July 30, 2012

Losing the baby weight: Extra Motivation

I have so many Pinterest projects in the work at the moment! My husband walked through the garage last night and came in gasping for air, completely freaked out by the strong lingering spray paint fumes.

I can't wait to post these projects as they are completed. In fact, I'm typing this post while waiting for some hot glue to dry on one of these projects.

Sadly, this is a post of a Pinterest project I'm not so thrilled with.

I attempted to paint a copy of a tree painting from Pier 1 last summer. They no longer sell the painting, which is a good thing because my version is terrible and I'm ashamed to show you how far off it looks from the original.

Anyway, I hated the way it turned out. I don't like the colors I chose, but because I invested time painting it, I felt compelled to display it. 

In the basement. 

Where the only time I see it is when I work out.

It is no fun looking at something I failed at while attempting to do something I'm currently failing at- losing this baby weight.

So I decided to turn the painting into a motivational message. 

I tend to cheat during my workouts, not push myself hard enough, and barely break a sweat. I want to run a 5K in October, so these cop out workouts are going to lead to a VERY embarrassing finish time.

So here is the original painting:

Yes, there is a "D" taped on the canvas. I forgot to take a proper before photograph.

This is the PINspiration for this project:

I should have used a more colorful, intricate painting as my base, and actual letter stickers as Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess suggested (I love their blog!). But I was lazy and desperate to do something new with my ugly painting.

I taped my message down, and spray painted over the message.

And this is the resulting "masterpiece."

Better than the original, but still not great. I got a little tape-happy on the sides and I should have just painted the whole thing.

So whenever I'm working out and I see it, I tell myself to do my best, and not treat my workout the way I treated this painting.

What keeps you motivated during workouts? Any luck shedding post baby pounds?

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