Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogs for my students

I'm still employed at PACE and my big project of the moment is getting a blog together for my girls to contribute their personal essays to. This is proving to be quite a challenge seeing that my classroom is a wall-less kitchen with no computer access. I've been promised battery powered lap tops but whether this comes to fruition or not is still a mystery. I'm really excited about this blog if I can get it off the ground. I'm hoping it will be very Freedom Writer's-like, and become a safe place where my students can feel proud of their work. I also hope that all of these creative projects will have some effect on their FCAT scores.

I haven't been here very long, but there are already a few changes I think the .center could benefit from, but at the moment I'm too new to rock the boat and make a big fuss over. I have to earn the right to share opinions.

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