Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How I Irritated My Husband This Week

Feeding the pup old carrots...he threw them up.
Spending over sixty dollars a week on fruit. But they make a beautiful, edible still life on my dining room table.

My dining room table. Hee hee.

Buying the wrong color grapes. Danny doesn't like the sour green ones.
Not putting the dishes away once they are in the drying rack.
Trying to make out during the commercial break of the 24 series finale.
Forgetting to blow out the candles before going out to dinner (okay, that one was bad).
Not hiding the GPS well enough in the car.
Needing to pay gym membership in order to workout even though I have a free gym downstairs.
Leaving the laptop open so the power drains.
Openly complaining about how much I hate working.

Bad wife. Bad. Bad. Wife.

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Starr said...

Married life sounds great, lol. I love the photos you just posted on fb.