Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Blues

I'm having a melt down for no apparant reason. I feel like a crazy person. Nothing I do for my hair or make up looks right to me. When I try to explain, or show pictures of what I want, it still does not come out as I anticipated. I want to look gorgeous on my wedding day, but I look like a drag queen in a wedding dress.

I know I need some perspective. This is not a big deal. It is extremely self-centered of me to be so worried about my appearance like this. I think it is just not looking the way I want to look, in conjunction with all the other crazy things happening right now, and feeling like I have no one near me to support me emotionally has made me a tad hysterical. But it will be over soon. Just seven more days of work, and twenty-four days left without Danny. Everything will work out. Everything will work out. Everything will work out.

And lucky for me, I have FCAT to go proctor where I will be able to do nothing other than repeat to myself for four hours "Everything will work out."


We can't write.

We can't read.

We can't grade.

We can't do anything but pace and stare at the students, willing them with our psychees to answer all the questions right.

I cheat by doodling my future name on scraps of paper like a twelve year old, but I have a feeling if I was caught in the act I'd probably be questioned and my teaching license will be threatened.

Probably not something I should be sharing on a blog, but since only my lovely Starr reads it, I think I will be safe.

Hi Starr! Hope things are going well!


Starr said...

Hi Jayme!! Thanks for the shout out! Call me anytime you need to rant about the wedding, I already feel crazy over picking colors....I want all of them! As for makeup, completely understand, whenever I've had people professionally do my makeup, it no longer looks like me....I think makeup artists overdo makeup. Though, I do like the blonde makeup artist from TLC's What Not to Wear! Her subjsects look more natural and fresh faced.

Starr said...

What other crazy things are happening?

Starr said...
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