Monday, March 2, 2009

Job Hunting

So I missed Ash Wednesday, which made me sad. I love the special masses. But I was volunteering in the morning and had class at night. I've decided to exercise everyday for Lent. Even if its just doing hand weights in the evening.

I went wedding dress shopping by myself this Sunday and was really unhappy with how fat I felt. None of the dresses could zip up! I apparently wear a size 12 in bridal, which didn't surprise me because I know those sizes run four sizes bigger than what you normally wear. Still, it was a little embarrassing. The poor assistant kept trying to make me feel better by telling me, "You have the perfect figure for wedding dresses!"

It was funny. The way things look on the models in the magazines and the way things look on me are totally different. Things that look really chaste and a little boring on the models look slightly scandalous on me. You really can't tell what a dress will look like based on the pictures. I definitely need a mermaid cut dress. Things that just fall straight stay as wide as my enormous hips and I end up looking like a tree. The mermaid makes me look less chunky and more voluptuous. I didn't even try the princessy ballgowns. I know they are more expensive, they aren't exactly my style, and I was worried I'd try one on, fall in love with it, and my mother and boyfriend would flip out (they despise the look more than I do).

I applied for a dream job this weekend with Teach for America curriculum design team. I really, really, really, REALLY want it! I think I'm a perfect candidate for the position skills-wise as it involves writing, researching other teacher training programs, and designing curriculum. Plus you can work from home, which would be awesome considering that my boyfriend has no idea where he will be working when he graduates. I'm crossing my fingers.

However, if I get the job I need to have graduated, and I just found out that I need one additional class that is only offered in the summer. GAAAH!

So the next six weeks I'll be anxiously waiting for a response and praying that U.F. lets me not take the class, or offers it over the summer suddenly, or that TFA takes me and just lets me take the one last class while beginning work with them.

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