Monday, January 26, 2009


This semester has been a bit more overwhelming than the last one for some reason. It is making me rethink me aspirations to go after the Ph.D.

The engagement has me thinking this as well. The economy is shaky, and trying to figure out how this wedding will get paid for has me wishing I had an income again. It is the worst feeling to be dependent on others for money. I have always hated that.

Plus, I feel guilty about pursuing the Ph.D when it won't necessarily pay me more money in the long run. I'd do it simply because I like being a student, because I want to know everything I can about my field, and because- darn it all- I like the way Dr. Gough sounds!

Only I wouldn't be Dr. Gough when I finally got it-- I'd be Dr. Gough-Cushing?!?

So I'm not sure what I should do right now. I should be practical and realistic.


The words practical and realistic are like explitives to my ears.

Maybe four more hours of reading and researching for one of my more boring classes will help me decide if a life of academia is really in the cards for me.

I hate money. It puts a damper on everything.

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Janet said...

Go for it, Jayme!