Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy cannoli!

Wow! What a crazy past few weeks! Or month for that matter. I don't really know where to begin. So maybe I just won't bother and start with where I am now in my life.

I'm a fiance. I have an engagement ring on my left ring finger. I am so happy that I worry about bad things happening because it doesn't seem right for one person to be so happy and lucky when so many people around the world have so many reasons for heartache.

I have also regressed into a twelve-year old girl after reading all four Twilight series novels this week. I take issue with plenty of aspects (Bella is a terribly boring heroine, Edward's controlling behavior are red flags for future domestic abuse, etc. etc) of the book, but I am still completely sucked in to them.

I own a towering stack of wedding magazines that I've been reading as quickly as I can because once this semester fully kicks in, I'll be more focused on school than on wedding planning (at least this is what I hope...I won't become a bridezilla...I WON'T).

As for school, I've switched my focus from Children's Literature to Reading Education. As much as I love studying children's books, I think I can do more good for this world learning how to diagnose and help students conquer their reading disabilities. On a more selfish note, it will also keep me in school for another semester so that I can graduate at the same time my boyfriend...I mean my fiance...does.

I'll probably be getting married in a year and a half. My fiance, my brother, and I have decided to use this time period to finally help us get healthy and in-shape by the time of the wedding. I'm ready to finally make an effort to develop a fitness routine and healthy habits. I was worried that as soon as I was back in school, I'd revert to my chocolate gorging habits. But weirdly enough I haven't been attracted to sweets as I usually am. Maybe when my happy shock wears off I'll be craving sugar again, but here's to hoping that isn't the case.

Since my brother and I am in a race to see who can lose the most weight by the end of the year we have decided to give a prize to the one who wins. If he wins, I buy him the tattoo he's always wanted. I haven't decided what I get if I win. I already feel like I've won the greatest gift. Again, maybe when the shock wears off...


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Starr said...

Wow!! Your entry gave me the warm fuzzies! I am infatuated with the Twilight series, too. Though, I was only able to read the first book because now I'm juggling three novels for school on top of textbook reading. I want to read Skinny Bitch. Right now I'm reading the Body Toxic, you might enjoy that one as well. Lot's of scary toxins in everyday items!

But anyway, I'm so happy that you are happy and that things are working out for you kids! So details about the ring! Photo?